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This issue has 4 interviews. We try to bring you more & more diversity in the product. The interviews are of wrestlers from all over the world. El Phantasmo from NJPW, Laredo Kid from AEW/AAA, Bobby Gunns from wXw Germany & Joshua Alexander from Impact! wrestling are the interviewed for this issue. We also have covered all the big events such as AEW DON, NJPW BOSJ, Wrestlemania & NXT Takeover 25. Have a read for absolutely free and if you like it, buy the printed issue from the link below

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March 2019 issue

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Here is the most awaited Issue of Too Sweet Magazine. The top 50 wrestlers of 2019 are included, Big Match Kaz is #1. We also bring you the interview of IMPACT! wrestling’s Ace Austin. All of it for free in PDF & you can buy a printed copy too from the link above! Thanks for showing us support & please follow @toosweetmag.

NXT Canada

NXT Canada

Rumors are circulating about the potential of an NXT up north. NXT Canada became a hot topic over the past few weeks and this would add to WWE’s attempt at global domination.

When the rumors first broke, my initial reaction was a tad negative. After letting the news process inside my petite brain that reaction then went in the opposite direction. Having a NXT here in Canada might be a little too much as Orlando is only a few hour plane ride away from the great white north but then again, the Performance Center in Orlando is quite stacked already with no signs of slowing down so the margin for a Canadian pool in there is quite small.

Opening a NXT in Canada opens the door for so many wrestlers that wouldn’t otherwise have a platform to get noticed. While Canada is quite large, people tend to ignore the country. Many think Canadians are strictly hockey fans and that is it but unbeknownst to most, Canadian wrestling is rich with history.

If you know your history about professional wrestling you will see Canada played a major part in the success of wrestling. Stampede Wrestling, Maple Leaf Wrestling and Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling set the tone for the popularity of wrestling in Canada. Most wrestling enthusiasts are well a where of

 the legacy of Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling and as well as his dungeon. Some might not be well known to Atlantic Grand Prix but AGPW had a roster most companies would envy. Legends like Bobby Bass, Leo Burke and The Cuban Assassin led the way as Grand Prix Wrestling dominated the East Coast.

Being a Maritimer myself, I am well aware of the popularity of wrestling here on this side of the country. People tend to forget about the Maritime provinces but wrestling here as always been a hot commodity. Everyone from Macho Man to Andre The Giant to Edge & Christian have all stepped foot inside a ring here on the East Coast.

Not only is the East on fire but the Quebec and Ontario scene is booming as well. Smash Wrestling is seen on the Fight Network and Destiny Wrestling have both had every big name out there. These two companies are the top promotions up north and seems to be the place where Canadian wrestlers want to be.

The rumor mill also added Santino Marella would be leading the way. Personally, I think he would be great at the role. His Battle Arts Academy is proof that he is the right man for the job. Also with the announcement of Lance Storm`s Storm Wrestling Academy closing its doors leads to speculation that Storm himself will also play a major role with helping NXT Canada.

Tyson Dux is one of, if not the best independent wrestler in Canada. While Dux deserves a shot at showing WWE fans why he is loved here in Canada, I would love to see him become a teacher for NXT Canada. With his talent and knowledge, he would make for a perfect fit to teach new talent what he does best.

Why Canada? Well, Canada not only played a big role back in the territory days but the country also produced some major talent. Legends and Hall Of Famers such as Abdullah The Butcher, Pat Patterson, Roddy Piper, and the Vachon’s. Some major players in the game today include Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode, PCO and so much more. Even The Rock has ties to Canada ( his father Rocky Johnson was born in Nova Scotia). Canada is packed coast to coast with some major talent and there are plenty more just waiting for an opportunity to come a knocking. 

Maritime wrestling is literally on fire, filling up arenas everywhere they go. It isn’t uncommon for an event to draw 4-500 people and can go upwards of 1000. They produce fantastic product that is enjoyed for all demographics. Recently Maddison Miles had a WWE tryout during Summerslam week. She is only 19 years of age yet has faced some major names in the industry and has traveled overseas working with Saraya Knight. Maddison is a major draw in the maritimes and is a perfect fit for NXT Canada as they can fine tune what she has learned and give her the proper tools to excel on a major platform. 

While this could cause a little damage to the Canadian independent scene, it also opens so many doors for wrestlers who are literally busting their butts trying to get noticed. NXT and NXT UK have a fantastic roster and I think adding NXT Canada to the mix wouldn’t disappoint in the slightest. As much as Canada needs NXT, NXT needs Canada. The talent here is too good to go unnoticed. 

Fingers and toes are crossed, hoping Canada lands NXT. Being Canadian and a fan of not only Canadian wrestling but wrestling as a whole, this is the right move to make. The history here speaks for itself and so does the current indie scene. So Triple H, hurry up and get this ball rolling. Just remember to goes coast to coast in your hunt for top notch talent and I am sure your mind will be blown.

Nick Whitworth

Superstar Spotlight: Dustin Rhodes

Superstar Spotlight: Dustin Rhodes

When it comes to Goldust, there isn’t anybody out there who doesn’t know the name. Having a career span 30 years and wrestling for every major company like WWE, WCW and TNA and now the mega popular AEW, he is almost guaranteed a spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame in the not so distant future.

Having decided to follow the path his father, the late great Dusty Rhodes, left Dustin embarked on a career where he knows comparison to his dad is going to happen from critics everywhere. While not letting that get in his way, he picked up the sport quickly and was a natural. Such one that he landed a job with a major promotion (WCW). 

His run was short lived but was obviously made a splash as WWE (then WWF) came calling 2 years into his career as a professional wrestler. Much like his initial WCW run, his run with the Fed was a short one but chose to make ways back to WCW and that is where he really took off.

During his 4 year run with the company, Rhodes won the WCW World Tag Team Championship and the United States Championship numerous times squaring off against legends like Arn Anderson, Rick Rude and Steve Austin. Dustin was beginning to build quite the resume while shutting the mouths of any critic stating he was only there because of Dusty.

Back to WWF he goes but this is where Dustin became the household name he is today. He debuted as the iconic Goldust who was this bizarre character who pushed the envelope with sexuality and really showcased the power of psychology. His lewd actions and mind games would shake his opponents up and knock them off of their game. It was a character that was so unique and different that it could have been the demise of his career. Instead, he not only got behind the character but he took it to levels nobody on this planet could have. It should the genius mind Dustin had and it showed the world that this guy not only knew his stuff, but also how to stand out from the pack.

Dustin went back to WCW for a quick run and also had 2 runs with TNA as “The Lone Star” Dustin Rhodes and Black Reign but he always ended up back home with WWE. He just seemed his best while wrestling for Vince McMahon. 

His final run with WWE is where he really shined. He was in the best shape of his life, had a solid run with R-Truth as The Golden Truth and had a blast teaming with brother Cody. He was enjoying his time and it showed in his work. The fans always rallied behind him because Goldie had them invested in him at all times. Whether a heel or a babyface, Dustin knew how to engage the crowd and the crowd respected that and it showed every time he popped back up in WWE. 

Goldust’s contract expired and instead of negotiating a new one, Triple H agreed that it would be a perfect fit to jump ship and help out his brother with the newly formed All Elite Wrestling. That right there showed the amount of respect Hunter had for him, by agreeing to let him help out the competition. 

The first event from AEW, Dustin squared off against his brother Cody with an incredible story behind it. At the young age of 50, some thought this match would be a dud with Cody having to carry the match. Obviously those who made those statements never really focused on the former Goldust’s career because just like fine wine, he gets better with age.

His match with Cody came and went and let me tell you this…. Instant classic and instant match of the year candidate. The match had everything in it and both wrestlers showed the world how to really tell a story. At the age of 50, he put on his best match of his career. As a fan, it was such an honor to watch. Here was a guy who fought all over the world, battled addiction, changed WWF’s typical ways of putting together a bubblegum character, took that gimmick that could have been very short lived and made himself a major player in the industry. He took his own life back by focusing on himself and used DDPYOGA to get himself in the terrific shape he is in today and he ended up having a career most wrestlers only dream of having. When you talk about not  taking hand outs and earning it all themselves, look no further then Dustin Rhodes.

I have been watching his career unfold since the 80’s and to see the wrestler he has became is amazing. He never peeked and had his moment or had his run. He has not had all of these. They aren’t in the past and he is still very much in the present. As a fan of the business I am proud to call myself a Dustin Rhodes fan and as an author I am honored to write this Spotlight on a truly living legend. Dustin deserves all of the accolades he achieved and all of the accolades that are still to come his way. So I end this article by slowly caressing my body while whispering one final word…. Goldust.

Nick Whitworth

A Look Into All Elite’s Roster

                  A Look Into All Elite’s Roster

All every wrestling fan across the globe talks shop, it typically involves AEW. In such a short period of time All Elite turned the wrestling world upside down. Sporting such a diverse and well put together roster AE has a one up on the entire game. Let’s take a look into this game changing roster.


Having the best in the business, Cody, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Chris Jericho lead this team ushering in a new era of wrestling. Not following the sports entertainment formula WWE brings to the table, All Elite puts all their efforts into what the “W” stands for. Having the key 3 male wrestlers leading the way, this puts AEW on the map.

While learning from TNA’s mistakes, AE isn’t grabbing every ex WWE superstar. They are diving deep into things to figure out which ex suits their overall goal. Dustin Rhodes, FKA Goldust, who at the age of 50 is part of this dream team. Some say he is washed up or past his prime but unless you lived under a rock you would quickly realize Goldie is very much in his prime. His match against his brother Cody at Double Or Nothing was anything less then Match Of The Year candidate. So past his prime? I don’t think so. Jon Moxley, FKA Dean Ambrose, walked away from the dream contract from the biggest company of them all to do what he does best and that is wrestle. Mox proved that WWE really does water down their talent. Jon wanted freedom to do what he can for his character and the Fed wouldn’t allow that and it was evident in his matches. His WWE run was solid on paper but he just coasted through most of it due to lack of motivation. His jump to AEW brought more frustrated WWE fans along with him.

Shawn Spears, FKA Ty Dillinger, was in the same boat as Moxley. He took the Perfect 10 gimmick and transformed it to become one of the companies biggest organic babyfaces. “10” chants had the potential to become just as or even larger then “Yes” chants. Instead WWE didn’t know how to capitalize of it and he was left floating around and doing the job for others. He got out of his contract and AEW knew the potential so they swooped in and snagged a major talent. 

All Elite stayed with their core group of friends as Adam Page and So Cal Uncensored ( Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) signed immediately. They added indie darling Joey Janela and then started scouting the world to see who is right for this new found company. Not re-signing with NJPW, Trent Beretta brought along his Best Friend tag team partner Chuck Taylor as the team signed on that dotted line. Angelico and Jack Evans left Mexico to come State side to add their Lucha Libre style to the mix. AEW grabbed veteran Jimmy Havoc and Canada’s best tag team Evil Uno and Stu Grayson to really round out the roster. The Young Bucks had no choice but to bring in The Lucha Bros as this team will play a key role in showcasing the world that tag team wrestling still belongs in wrestling and that Vince McMahon’s mindset on the division doesn’t matter.

Cody wanted to also create new stars and seen potential in Jungle Boy and MJF. MJF is a natural heel and is on the path to greatness. They didn’t stop there. The company added Sonny Kiss who is a brilliant talent is breaking barriers as the openly gay wrestler is showing the world that being gay isn’t a joke. Wrestling tends to make being gay the brunt of the joke but AEW took a stand and shown that isn’t the case here. Sonny is a treat to watch and is showing the world that an openly gay character is in the same league as a monster brute.   

The resent addition of Luchasaurus added a nice touch. The once NXT talent and Big Brother competitor made a name for himself on Lucha Underground and is turning heads with his swiftness inside that ring. His character is unique and can back it up inside that ring, he has potential to be a major addition for the company.


Brandi Rhodes is heading this division and set the tone very quickly. The women and men’s pay will be equal. Finally, as pay should be based on the talent and not the gender. Her first additions to the company where Britt Baker and Bea Priestley. Baker, I was sure was headed to NXT where her partner Adam Cole is thriving and her signing dropped some jaws. 

Allie, Leva Bates and Kylie Rae were spot on signings as these three can go toe to toe with the best of them. Bates had a fun little run with NXT a few years back as Blue Pants and Allie is a fantastic talent who had just finished a great run with Impact Wrestling. 

The surprise debut of Awesome Kong was perfect. For the past few years many assumed her wrestling days were behind her as her role in the Netflix show Glow continued filming. It seemed has she transitioned into acting quite well but little did we know she was coming back. She brings a ton to the table as she brings name recognition, talent and experience topped off with having something to prove following her brief WWE run. Kong brings excitement as she is truly a special attraction. 

Much like Sonny Kiss, the addition of Nyla Rose once again showed the world AEW means business. Being the first transgender women to sign with a major company carries a lot of weight on ones shoulders but she is the right one to lead by showing the world that talent is talent and everything else doesn’t diminish that. Society limits people who they think are different. Nobody is different as we are all human. We just are all different in our own way. With AEW and wrestlers like Sonny Kiss and Nyla Rose, change is being made and that is a terrific thing to witness. While some omit Rose, she will fight anyone who gets in her way as she heads up the path to become one of the worlds best wrestlers.


Not stopping there they added veterans like Earl Hebner ( referee), Jim Ross (commentator) and Justin Roberts (ring announcer) to tighten up the overall team. They also added Alicia Atout, a former Impact employee, to handle the backstage interviews. Atout amazes me as I figured WWE would have tried to snag her but that is their loss. She is the right person for the job and you can’t convince me otherwise. Much like Triple H and his NXT team, AEW veterans like Billy Gunn, B.J Whitmer, Dean Melanko and Jerry Lynn. They could also land the legendary Arn Anderson to the mix as well. 

Now looking at the roster as a whole tells me one thing. AEW means business and it isn’t just to attack Vince McMahon. They are ushering in a new era of wrestling while changing the world’s mindset on diversity in the sporting industry. And you wonder how a new company can sell out their first event in a matter of minutes? 

Nick Whitworth    

Interview with Dustin Thomas

At a young age Dustin Thomas lost his legs. Never letting that get in his way to achieve his dreams, Dustin fought hard and earned all of his success he has had come his way. As he is a few days away from one of his biggest matches of his career in the upcoming debut of All Elite Wrestling’s first event called Double Or Nothing, Dustin and I have a quick chat right before he is headed down to Las Vegas for the biggest wrestling event of the year.

– While loosing your legs at a very young age, you never let that define your dreams and goals. What was it about wrestling that made you get into the business?

DT: I love the entertainment factor of the business and I love to entertain/ inspire people through what I can do in the ring. 

– Excelling at amateur wrestling, did that make the dreams of becoming a professional wrestler become a goal more then just a dream?

DT: I think it definitely helped transition me into the sport and make it a more real possibility rather then just a dream.

– Even missing legs, you can do things inside that ring a lot of wrestlers can’t. How did you adapt that type of style?

DT: Well, I think my athleticism surprises people and I think my unique ability to do what others can’t is in part what makes me successful.

– How did you end up wrestling for Joey Janela at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3?

DT: Joey Janela contacted me after my debut match at ECPW vs John Tella went viral and asked me if I wanted to be part of Spring Break.

– Having one of the hottest independent wrestlers (Joey Janela) in your corner, how did it feel knowing major exposure was coming your way?

DT: Of course having someone like Joey in my corner was and is huge for me and I wouldn’t be where I am at this point of my career without him giving me that opportunity at Spring Break.

– Your match at Spring Break 3 went viral. Did you ever imagine you would get over so quickly with the fans?

DT: I had no idea the response I was going to get was going to be so vast and it’s still very surreal to me. 

– In your eyes, what was it about that match that made it so special?

DT:  I think my unique situation and abilities in a sport full of giants surprised many and I think me being such a different athlete from the norm makes what i do more appealing. 

– Cody Rhodes recently announced you as a participant in All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing Casino Battle Royale. How did this all come into play?

DT:  Well like most of my career so far my match at Spring Break went viral even more then my debut match and they contacted me on Twitter showing support then Cody contacted me and asked if I wanted to be apart of the Battle Royale at Double or Nothing. 

– The Casino Battle Royale is filled with some major players in the game. How are you preparing for this knowing this could be the big break every wrestler dreams of?

DT:  In such a unique match it’s hard to fully prepare for the chaos that will happen in the match but I’m preparing myself that will put me in position to make the most of this opportunity.

– All Elite Wrestling is a major company who already broke down a lot of barriers by signing such a diverse group of wrestlers to its roster. How does it feel to be working for a company who supports all aspects of talent and leaves all ignorance to other companies?

DT:  I believe a company like AEW is the future and it’s been so long since there was actual competition at the top and I believe competition brings growth and more importantly more places for talent to get exposure so as a business in a whole the wrestling world will benefit from AEW. 

– With AEW having a lot of eyes on them already, does that bring along more nerves leading up to this ground breaking event?

DT:  Of course with such a big event as Double or Nothing, there are plenty of nerves and I don’t know if I could explain it until the event itself.

– Are you hoping to land a contract with All Elite, if you haven’t already?

DT: I would love to be a more permanent member of AEW, getting a contract from such a company is always a goal for me. 

– Since meeting Cody, what is it about him, business wise, that makes him such a treat to all other major wrestling companies?

DT: Business wise I can’t really comment too much from meeting him but from what I can tell it’s very clear Cody and the AEW crew are on another level and know what they want for their product and it’s future

– You are someone who works extremely hard to achieve your dreams. What are some of your major goals in wrestling or you just seizing all opportunities that come your way?

DT: First off I appreciate that, I give 100% to whatever it is I do or want and I think my goals really are to seize every opportunity and to inspire/entertain those who are watching me in the ring.

– You are a phenomenal talent who’s career is on the path to greatness. You are opening up so many doors along the way for others to follow. You are a hero and an idol to many by showing the world nothing can stop a dream by working for it. While achieving your dreams, how are you staying so humble?

DT:   Again I appreciate all of that and I mean I believed in myself and knew I was more then capable to do this, but in a bigger picture at the end of the day I’m lucky enough to do what I love for a living (even if i knew I belonged in this business).

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule as you prepare for arguably the biggest match of your career. I can’t wait to see you in action against some of the top indie stars around the world. Good luck and we are all excited to see where your journey takes you next.

DT:  Thanks for having me I appreciate it.

Nick Whitworth

Five Big Takeaways: Money in the Bank 2019


1- Bayley is money!: Bayley not only won the Money in Bank Ladder match, but she cashed in and pinned Charlotte clean in the middle of the ring hardly a hour after winning the briefcase.  Therefore, Bayley is our new Smackdown! Women’s Champion.  Can this lead to a much needed boost for Bayley’s career or will it simply be dead in the water starting this Tuesday?

2- Becky one belt: Based on the facts from #1, Becky Lynch lost her Smackdown! title.  She successfully retained her Raw belt against Lacey Evans, but it would be Evans who would ultimately cost her the blue brand belt.  Immediately after her successful Raw defense, Charlotte challenged for the Smackdown! championship but with Evan’s interference, Charlotte was able to snatch the belt from Becky.

3- Kofi’s vengeance:  Kevin Owen’s is a great heel personality.  He plays the part so well, it’s hard to not think he’s an actual jerk in real life.  As of late, Owen’s has been making the New Day and Kofi Kingston himself look weak.  Going into battle alone, Kofi was able to knockout out Kevin Owens with a stiff “Trouble in Paradise” and retain his WWE championship.  Kofi’s dream run continues.

4- 205 prime time: Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese battled for the Cruiserweight Championship on the main card.  This is a big deal because no matter what the stakes were or which cruiserweights were set for a match in the past, the 205 Live roster were becoming kickoff show staples.  While this match was nothing memorable it was still a good exhibition which allowed the cruiserweights to perform in front of a full audience on the main show.  Hopefully the cruiserweight division will start to see more main card time because it’s undeniable that there is some raw talent being kept on 205 Live.

5- Can’t get enough Brock Lesnar:  The men’s Money in the Bank ladder match was fun and action packed.  There were plenty of high spots if you needed a fix and all seven participants worked well with each other.  The match was solid enough so that no matter who one, the fans could have went home at least happily entertained.  Of course, things went very sour when Mustafa Ali literally had the briefcase in his hands, then Brock Lesnar’s music hits.  The beast storms the ring, knocked Ali off the ladder, then ascends the ladder himself, pulling down the briefcase.  Our 2019 Mr. Money in the Bank is… Brock Lesnar.

Too Sweet’s Bromance: NXT Breakdown

In just a few short years NXT went from being a developmental brand for WWE to the companies hottest commodity. We decided the time is right for Nick and his Bae Santos share their thoughts and their good looks on the best of the best in NXT history thus far. Hopefully this wont cause a riff in their budding bromance because a fight between the two is all we need….

NXT’s Top Male:

Nick – This was a tough one for me as I was flip flopping between two. After realizing I am one of Canada’s prettiest fellas, it hit me. Hands down, Johnny Gargano. He has been spot on with every feud, every match and every promo. He has potential to become one of, if not these companies biggest face in its history. Ok sweetie, I am sure you will have something different to say.

Santos- In the words of my hero, “Listen here you beautiful bitch, I’m about to fuck you up with some truth. “ I 100% agree with you if, what we’re asking is who the top male NXT wrestler is, RIGHT NOW. But if we’re talking ALL TIME? I gotta go with mah boy, Shinsuke Nakamura. His entire NXT run was solid all the way thru. From his amazing debut match with Sami Zain, to his final match with Bobby Roode. He WAS excitement for NXT: his awesome NJPW reputation proceeded him and the diehard NXT Audience loved him. The King of Strong style and NXT… but ya know, not so much on the “main roster”… HOW COULD YOU MESS UP STYLES VS NAKAMURA?! 

NXT’s Top Female:

Santos – Ok, at least we can agree on this one, right Hulk Brogan? Asuka’s NXT run was tremendous. Not only were each of her Takeover matches  , but she also holds the record for longest Women’s Title Reign. My favorite anything that Asuka’s done is the brawl she had with Nikki Cross, that went from the outside the ring, to backstage, and ending with someone being at the announcer table, it’s a great build up to the first ever Last Woman Standing match in NXT. 

Nick – I wondered why you slid into my DM’s asking me who I thought NXT’s Top Female was…. There is no one greater then Asuka. Shayna Baszler is creeping up to Asuka level, but her run was done perfectly. Triple H seen big things in her and he let her go buck wild. It is a damn shame she isn’t dominating the main roster like she rightfully should.

NXT’s Top Tag Team:

Nick- Easy. DIY. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s history in NXT makes this team the greatest tag team in NXT history. Yes you can say The Revival but looking at the overall package here and what this team has done for the overall growth of the brand, DIY deserves the top spot.

Santos- Ya know what, I’m going to agree with you on this one, brothaman. Last Year, I would have said Mustache Mountain because of their modern classic match with Undisputed Era, but I have since then done my homework and have really come to wish I had discovered NXT earlier. They really had some intense matches and feuds with the likes of some of the best tag teams NXT had ever seen.  

Nick – Mustache Mountain and Undisputed Era were also on my mind. If Vince wants to really show the world that he believes in the tag team division then he has no issue building a monster of a division if he chooses to. 

NXT’s Greatest Match: 

Santos- The Instant Classic tag match from NXT featuring Mustache Mountain and Undisputed Era! I mean, we gotta pull from what we know right, Schnookums? This was the first Tag Match that reeeaaallllly blew me away. There are so many good tag Matches on NXT. I marked out hard on the last 3 min of this match, will Seven tap with his hurt leg?! And the finish is one I had never seen.  I smile just thinking about it. 

Nick – Babe, agreed but also disagreed. Pete Dunne defeating Tyler Bate for the NXT UK Championship at NXT Takeover: Chicago. I can watch that match over and over and over again and it will still be the greatest match NXT ever produced. This match created the major star Dunne always was. Both him and Bate can be major players on the main roster once Trips takes the reigns,

NXT’s Greatest Feud:

Nick: This is easy peasy for me here Buttercup. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa. These two just gelled on all levels and it showed. Watching these two go toe to toe is what made and continues to make me love this business. When you take about telling a story then look no futher. Okay Santos, what do you have for your choice?

Santos- I’ll admit: not only was it long form storytelling that Gargano/Ciampa had going for it but stellar matches. You know who also had stellar matches and and a long form storytelling arc? Bayley vs Sasha Banks. And dude, this is me watching it after I heard all of the hoopla surrounding this match. I watched the match first and was almost left crying when they fought in NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. AND THEN I researched the back story to this match and truly became a fan of the entire story. It went beyond nice girl vs mean girl: it was hopeful under dog vs reluctant villain.  

NXT’s Greatest Takeover:

Nick – I know babes will probably cop some attitude here with my answer here but NXT Takeover: New York was hands down the greatest Takeover to date. While all the Takeover’s are solid right across the board, NY’s Takeover was just brilliant. New stars were created, while others stock were elevated to the next level. There was not one bad thing about this event and if Santos disagrees then we might just end up like DIY.

Santos- Oh!! I see! So I guess that makes me Ciampa?! I’ll take it. What sucks is that in MY PICK for greatest Takeover (NXT Takeover: New Orleans) Ciampa loses. There’s no title on the line, just the culmination of an awesome feud, but not the greatest!… (I may concede on Gargano vs Ciampa by the end of the article). We also get Shayna Baszler defeating Ember Moon and really stepping into the Queen Of Spades role. Aleister Black vs Andrade Cien Almas… Oh yea, and there’s a little Ladder Match for the first ever North American Title! Come on, you gotta admit: it’s a better show. 

Nick – Where is the delete button?

NXT’s Most Promising Star:

Nick – Velveteen Dream… Mic Drop…. Dream is going to become a major star on the main roster and is on his way to becoming the greatest character in all of wrestling. Period.

Santos- Yep, he’s a real a change of pace from the rest of the personalities on the brand. He’s a fresh take on a classic role. Velveteen Dream is such a kick ass name, too. And don’t drop mics, suckers are expensive. 

NXT’s Greatest Babyface:

Santos- I gotta hand it to ya, this one had me thinking and weighing the options. Do you go with the purest? Like Bayley? Or do you go with great Character development like Johnny Gargano? Yea, of course you go with Gargano! He’s the epitome of the underdog babyface with the treacherous partner. My favorite run of his was when the need to beat Ciampa began driving him crazy. Gargano walked that line between psychotic and driven perfectly. 

Nick- At one point Gargano was the hottest wrestler in the world. He just knows how to connect with the audience and he always delivers masterpieces but I am going with Finn Balor. His NXT Championship run catapulted NXT to the heights it is today. Triple H had him as the face of the brand and NXT became the number one brand in WWE. 

NXT’s Greatest Heel:

Nick: I feel like I am only talking about the same two but the greatest heel in NXT has been Tommasso Ciampa. He has been everything a heel should be. He was against selling merchandise and having entrance music. He was in character on all social media platforms at all times. Kayfabe is dead but Ciampa shown the world that it doesn’t have to be.

Santos: Wonderfully put! I gotta admit, you almost got me to change my answer. Originally, I was going to go with Kevin Owens and his  But I’m going rogue, because the only way to beat a heel, is with a heel faction like Undisputed Era. These guys work really well together, and pull off the snarky, entitled jerk angle in

sometimes humorous fashion. I’m willing to bet the stable earn titles before heading to the “main  roster” . 

Favorite NXT Moment:

Nick: I don’t know about you sweetie but nothing tops Shinsuke Nakamura’s debut. Having “This is awesome” chants before the bell even rang speaks volume to his overall presence. While Triple H has been on point with the signings, Nakamura takes the number one spot here.

Santos: A fine choice! Especially, because you chose the debut of MY choice for top Male NXT Star as your favorite moment. Haha! Anyway, I’m going to have to go with The reveal of Aleister Black’s Attacker. The build up took its time. It was a brand wide investigation that involved anyone at that particular show and implicated so many people, I honestly didn’t see it coming. I literally jumped out of my chair with joy when I found out it was Johnny Gargano. The company’s best Babyface was pushed to dastardly actions trying to beat his ex Tag partner and bitter enemy: Tommaso Ciampa… Okay, Okay, I concede, it’s the Best Rivalry in NXT. 

Nick – See I was right. You know the old saying “always trust a man with dimples” right? 

Biggest NXT Flop: 

Santos: This is a mean category. I am vehemently against it but it’s Hideo Itami. With the background Kenta had, he should have been and remained a force to be reckoned with but mah, lets just throw him around some so so feuds. My favorite was Hideo Itami vs Mustafa Ali, but even that couldn’t gain him favor with the crowd, couple that with injuries and it’s the perfect shit storm of bad booking. 

Nick – Samezies. Hideo Itami’s injuries hurt his momentum. Everytime he gained some, boom…. hurt again. I am sure he will go on to bigger and better things now that he has parted ways with WWE but he will always be the should of, would of and could of.

NXT Breakout star for 2019:

Nick: Matt Riddle. While his character can be a little odd to some, he knows how to connect with his fan base. Since his debut he has been featured like a major player and I think it is only a matter of time before he on top of NXT.

Santos: WHO ELSE IS THERE, BROOOOO?! Matt Riddle is on the fast track to super stardom. I was soooo close to pick Keith Lee, because they both understand the whole picture that is pro wrestling, are charismatic, and unique in the ring. But whereas Keith Lee is a big, agile wrestler, Riddle gets his credibility from his MMA background. And I gotta admit the fact that he proved UFC’s Dana White wrong about his future really puts Riddle a level higher. But not by much.

Well that was fun eh Boo Boo. Let’s see who agrees with me and who agrees with you. I am not a betting man but I would say the people will follow suit by agreeing with Too Sweet’s own stunning beaut.